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Fast DLI Downloader Java Tool

A tool that let's you easily search and download books from Digital Library of India. Queue up your downloads in the tool and it will silently download them in the background. Both TIF and PDF version of the e-book can be saved on hard drive and a lot of other features. Click here to know more...

Monday, 15 April 2013

Fast DLI Downloader Tool to download PDF Books from Digital Library Of India

Digital Library Of India [] hosts millions of copyright freed scanned books in English and Indian Languages for public access. Unfortunately this website does not provide any mechanism to download the entire e-book in any format. I have created an open source Java project to allow people download the same.

Key Features of DLI downloader

  1. Search and Download Books right within the DLI Downloader tool.
  2. Queue up your download items in the tool and let it download books silently for you.
  3. Both TIF and PDF version of the e-book can be saved on hard drive.
  4. Application can minimize to system tray so as not to interfere with your other tasks & reducing the memory footprint.
  5. If you shutdown the application gracefully then the un-finished downloads will become active upon the next launch of the application.

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